A Fresh Start

  • By - Jimmy Fitzback
  • 10 December, 2019

I'm writing this post to our followers and customers today because hibi is heading in a new direction. We have left you behind quite a bit communication-wise since we came to Japan, so I'd like to explain a bit where we come from so you understand better where we are going.


Ongoing Changes

First, you probably noticed our new website! We've been working on it for a while and are very excited to launch it finally. The new website is much easier to navigate and most importantly of all, its checkout process is streamlined, making the whole experience pleasant and less of a hassle than it used to be.

Second, we started selling whetstones! It has been hard for us to provide whetstones to our customers in Montreal because Japanese manufacturers required us to order a large amount of them. This strategy didn't allow us to offer competitive prices because of the shipping costs of such an amount of large and heavy products. From today, you can get Suehiro whetstones, which are very reliable and durable. All our knives are sharpened on our set of Suehiro whetstones before getting shipped out to you, and there's no doubt you'll be able to feel the results these stones produce.

Finally, behind the curtains, a lot more has changed: We moved to Japan for a start. Setting hibi in Japan was the move that made the most sense to stay aligned with our mission, which is to provide affordable, quality handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives to people across the world. Being here gives us more options, including to provide whetstones. Stay tuned for what's coming!


Small but Solid Steps

2020 now at our doors, the next phase for us will be to diversify our products and keep providing individualized customer service. We have learned so much about your needs in the past two years, and we plan to be more flexible to fit them but also keep the professional and detailed customer service to make your purchase experience unique as well as keeping things simple.

Keeping things simple is very important for us, there's no point offering a thousand kinds of knives if we provide a fraction of that amount in which we genuinely believe in.

In the end, we thank you all who supported and followed since the beginning, it's been quite a ride, and without you, we wouldn't be where we are today!