Travel! People & Places you should know about.

  • By - Jimmy Fitzback
  • 25 December, 2019

In our last article, I was mentioning about our mission, which is to share and provide affordable Japanese handcrafted knives to people around the globe.

Sometimes we travel within Japan and visit places or people related to Japanese craftsmanship that we think also deserves to be shared with the people. For this reason, I'm introducing our new Travel blog category, where we will share such experiences. 

Here are some examples of places we've visited during the year that are worth sharing:


Masahira Fujiyasu


hibi is not providing any weapons like Japanese Swords (Katana), but we sure do enjoy the process of making such pieces of art.

We had the chance to visit Mr.Masahira, who won the Chairman of the All Japan Swordsmith Association Prize back in 1991, during the summer at his house and workshop. He has spent his career trying to recreate the old style of swords of the Kamakura period (1185–1333).

You can see him in this video making a sword in memory of his teacher, the National Living Treasure swordsmith Miyairi Yukihira:


Tokyo - Kappabashi


If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you are what we could consider as a "foodie". That means that if you ever stop by Tokyo in your lifetime, stopping by Kappabashi is a must, and there's no doubt you'll end up getting a few things for yourself there should it be cutlery, uniforms, chopsticks or any kitchenware. This neighbourhood of Tokyo is packed with stores for restaurant professionals and other culinary enthusiasts.

I will write an article about the shops worth visiting soon. 


Kōchi Prefecture


You don't see Kōchi knives around a lot, yet the prefecture counts a considerable number of blacksmiths, and their technique is somewhat unique. The blades you find in the prefecture are usually very traditional looking, generally with a black finish (Kurouchi), and they are sharp! Over our numerous stay in the region, we had the chance to visit a few blacksmiths, but one that stands out is Nobuya-san, the owner of the Kurogane Workshop in Shimanto city. My meeting with this man was so impactful; I will write an entire article about it.