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Nakamura Nakiri Damascus Kaishin Nakiri 165mm
The Kaishin series from Nakamura are forged in the Shikoku region in southern Japan. The knives usually come with a cherrywood handle but it is customizable on-demand, just send us a message!
Nakamura Deba Kaishin-Saku Deba
The Kaishin-saku series is an affordable yet extremely performant line of Japanese traditional knives forged in Sakai, Osaka prefecture. Sakai has a long history of blacksmithing, and their work is of such quality that in...
Tagai Santoku 165mm / Oak/Black Walnut Handle & Soft Iron Cladding Tagai Tradition Santoku
The Hinoura Hamono workshop forges the Tagai Tradition line, founded in 1905; the shop is still owned by the family today in Tsubamesanjo.  Hinoura Tsukasa was recognized as a Master of Japanese Traditional Crafts by...