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hibi Gyuto 210mm Hakkei VG10 Gyuto
Our Hakkei (meaning White Scenery) series was designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain while keeping a high performance, thanks to its VG10 core. The core is covered with a hammered and damascus pattern layer of...
Nakamura Gyuto Quince Burl Kaishin Ginsan Gyuto 210mm
The Ginsan series have a Silver#3 carbon-steel core and a stainless steel cladding, ideal for those of you who want the performance of Japanese knives without the hassle of maintenance.
Nao Yamamoto Gyuto Nao Yamamoto Black Damascus Gyuto 210mm
At 38 years old, Nao Yamamoto is one of the youngest blacksmiths in the Takefu Knife “Village”, in Fukui prefecture. The Takefu knife “village” is one single building homing eleven separate blacksmith companies. Nao Yamamoto,...
Tagai Gyuto 210mm / Oak/Black Walnut Handle & Soft Iron Cladding Tagai Tradition Gyuto
The Hinoura Hamono workshop forges the Tagai Tradition line, founded in 1905; the shop is still owned by the family today in Tsubamesanjo.  Hinoura Tsukasa was recognized as a Master of Japanese Traditional Crafts by...