Gyuto - Chef Knife

Japanese Gyuto Knife

Gyuto's are the Japanese equivalent of your usual Chef knife with a slightly different profile. They are usually thinner and lighter than their European-style chef knives counterparts.
If you're looking for one knife that you can use for all your tasks in the kitchen, this is the type of knife you're looking for.

Sizes usually range from 210mm to 240mm with some exceptions (180mm and 270mm).

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Santoku - Multi-purpose Knife

Japanese Santoku Knife

Santoku means "Three virtues" in Japanese, meaning this knife can slice, dice and mince anything you put it through. The belly is flatter than the Gyuto which makes it more comfortable to use in an up-and-down chopping motion. The Santoku is the right knife for you if you're looking for a single knife that will do everything for you without having the extra Gyuto's length.

Sizes usually range from 165mm to 180mm.

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Sujihiki - Slicing Knife

Japanese Sujihiki Knife

Sujihiki could be translated to "Muscle slicer" and is intended to slice meat. Any kind of meat: Fish, Raw meat, Roast beef or turkey. Sujihiki has a thin, long and light blade that should allow you to make any kind of slices easily from any kind of protein you're going through with it.

Sizes usually range from 240mm, 270mm and 300mm.

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Nakiri - Vegetable Knife

Japanese Nakiri Knife

Nakiri is a Vegetable knife with a flat edge that is used for a push/pull chopping of vegetables. The flat edge is remarkably nice to avoid ending up with accordion vegetables. You know that feeling when you're cutting vegetables and the underlayer isn't fully cut and your vegetables are still all connected together like an accordion? Those days are over when you own a Nakiri!

Sizes usually range between 165mm and 180mm

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Petty - Utility Knife

Japanese Petty knife

Petty knives are good for small jobs where you don't necessarily need to use a bigger knife, like when slicing shallots, peeling vegetables or cutting herbs.

Sizes usually range from 120mm, 135mm to 150mm.

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